Byesville Rotary

Meeting time: Tuesday 7:30 am--8:30 am.

Location: Stop Nine Senior Center at 60313 (GPS use 60299) Southgate Road, Byesville .

Club officers 2014-2015:

President--Chuck Fair

President Elect/Vice President--Shana Fair

Treasurer--Phyliss Jeffries

Secretary--Joe Waske

Master at Arms--Larry Miller

Member Chair--Jim Vaughan

Board members:
Jim Vaughan--term ends June 2015
Nellie Bichard--term ends June 2016
Tina Tonnous--term ends June 2017

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Byesville Rotary informed about changes at Guernsey Industries

Pictured: Chuck Fair, Byesville Rotary President, Marcus Brailer, Executive Director Guernsey Industries, and Tanya Hitchens, Speaker Chair.

Multi-Service Food Drive is this Saturday. Don't forget to show up for your shift. Call Chuck if you need reminded what time slot you are working. Let's hope for sunny weather.

Marcus Brailer, Executive Director of Guernsey Industries, spoke to Byesville Rotary about changes at the adult workshop section of Guernsey Industries. He stated that “…the changes will be invisible to the families and individuals using Guernsey Industries services and will help each individual improve his/her quality of life.”

Brailer believes that each individual using the services of the adult workshop is capable of accomplishing more and, with training and support, can develop to his/her full potential. The first step toward developing a training plan is to start with the individual and ask questions such as “What do you want to do with your life?”and “What do you like doing at Guernsey Industries?”

Using the answer to these questions as a guide, individuals using Guernsey Industries services work with staff from Guernsey County DD to develop an individualized plan aimed at identifying the skills he or she needs to reach the goals each has established. Each of the goals identified is aimed at maximizing the person’s potential and at improving skills contributing to quality of life.

Brailer pointed out that Guernsey Industries then uses an individual’s plan to design a training program that will enable the individual to develop the skills needed to reach the goals listed in his/her plan. If a person’s goal is to make a livable wage, Guernsey Industries will provide job skills training. If individual wants to live independently, Guernsey Industries will help that person develop skills allowing him/her to live on his/her own.

Brailer pointed out that a second part of his job is to identify local businesses willing to work with Guernsey Industries and to offer jobs to individuals who have completed their training. Guernsey Industries will train individuals in the specific skills needed by local companies. Additionally, job coaches will be available to help Guernsey Industries trainees continue their training on the job.

Brailer reassured his audience that Guernsey Industries will continue to contract with local businesses to build items such as pallets, work benches, and reels for packing.

Connect with Byesville Rotary at: or The club meets 7:30 am, Tuesday at the Stop Nine Senior Center at 60313 (GPS use 60299) Southgate Road, Byesville. Walk-ins are welcome at the club’s meeting.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Byesville Rotary learns about United Way childhood literacy program

Pictured: Chuck Fair, Byesville Rotary President, and Stephanie Laube, Executive Director of the Guernsey and Noble Counties United Way.

Stephanie Laube, Executive Director of the Guernsey and Noble Counties United Way, spoke to the Byesville Rotary about an exciting project to improve early childhood literacy. The program was established 2 years ago in response to an assessment of community needs that identified a need to improve early childhood literacy skills.

Laube chose to work with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library which has a successful track record of improving early childhood literacy skills. In 2000, Parton announced that she would replicate her program in any community that would partner with her to support it locally.

The Dolly Parton program can provide a child with books for the low cost of $25 per year until the child reaches his or her 5th birthday. Parton has partnered with the Penguin Library and US Postal Service to keep costs down. Laube registers a child in the program when she has raised $125 which will guarantee 5 years of books for the child.

Laube believes that this program will help insure local children start kindergarten prepared with skills needed to be successful. Studies indicate that the first 3 years of life are crucial for the development of literacy skills. Exposing a child to books and reading is a proven method to help a child develop these necessary skills. Studies following children who have participated in the Dolly Parton program indicate that these children are 4 times more likely to start kindergarten ready to learn.

No United Way campaign money is used to support the Parton program. All funds needed are raised by local fund raising events and grants. In 2 years, the United Way of Guernsey and Noble Counties, Inc. Women's Initiative has raised $14,000 and given out 900 books. Laube reported that this effort has been successful because of the efforts of 4 volunteers: Suzette Tidrick with East Guernsey School, Hilaree Homko with Guernsey County Children Services, Elissa Mallett with Guernsey County Children Service, and Stevie .

Currently, Laube has a waiting list of 30 children. Donations to support program can be sent in care of the United Way Women’s Initiative at United Way of Guernsey County, Inc., 611 Wheeling Ave, PO Box 5, Cambridge, OH 43725. The club meets 7:30 am, Tuesday at the Stop Nine Senior Center at 60313 (GPS use 60299) Southgate Road, Byesville. Walk-ins are welcome at the club’s meeting.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Byesville Rotary plans spring activities

Spring will be busy for the Byesville club. The club is involved in five projects.

On Saturday, March 21, Byesville Rotary in partnership with Cambridge Rotary, Lions, Lioness Club, Kiwanis, and Circle K of Muskingum University will be holding a food drive at Reisbeck’s and Walmart between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. The food drive is being held to assist Grace Pantry, Cambridge Salvation Army, Pleasant City Food Pantry, Main Avenue Methodist Church of Byesville, and Stop 9 Church of Christ Food Pantry reduce hunger in Guernsey County.

On Saturday, March 28, Byesville Rotarians will welcome the Easter Bunny at their annual Breakfast with the Easter Bunny fundraiser. The club will be serving their traditional menu of pancakes and sausage. A free picture with the Easter Bunny is offered to everyone purchasing an adult meal.

In April, the club partners with Southeastern Med to offer a Health Fair. Twenty-six screening tests will be available for one low price. PSA (prostate cancer) and TSH (thyroid) screening tests will be offered for an additional fee. Date and times will be announced later.

In early May, the club will host its 27th Annual Scholarship Golf Scramble. Funds raised at the scramble will be used to provide scholarships to Rolling Hills’ seniors. May is also the month that the club will hold their first chicken BBQ of the year. The BBQ is traditionally held 3rd Saturday of the month.

Club members welcomed three Zane State students—Megan Childers, Kim LaFollette, and Samantha Roe. The students are working on a project about service clubs. Their project is to identify how clubs can get more membership involvement. After the business meeting, the students interviewed Chuck Fair, the club president. The club meets 7:30 am, Tuesday at the Stop Nine Senior Center at 60313 (GPS use 60299) Southgate Road, Byesville. Walk-ins are welcome at the club’s meeting.