Byesville Rotary

Meeting time: Tuesday 7:30 am--8:30 am.

Location: Stop Nine Senior Center at 60313 (GPS use 60299) Southgate Road, Byesville .

Club officers 2015--2016

President--Shana Fair

President Elect/Vice President--Phyllis Jeffries

Treasurer--Phyllis Jeffries

Secretary--Chuck Fair

Master at Arms--Larry Miller

Membership Chair--Jim Vaughan

Board members:
Nellie Bichard-term ends June 2016
Debbie Meade--term ends June 2017
Oziel Jeffries--term ends June 2018

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Byesville Rotary learns about the job of a precinct election official

Pictured: Shana Fair, Byesville Rotary President, and Lori Banfield, Deputy Director, Guernsey County Board of Elections.

Lori Banfield, Deputy director of the Guernsey County Board of Election, spoke to Byesville Rotary about the work that “poll worker” do in this new age of technology. Banfield stated that she began working as a poll worker and gradually worked up to her current position. She pointed out the term “poll workers” is obsolete and has been replaced by the title “Precinct Election Official.”

Guernsey County has 35 precincts and needs 4 precinct election officials per precinct—a total of 140 workers--for each election. Workers are always needed. People interested in serving as a precinct election official need to fill out an application form which is available at the County Board of Elections office.

Election hours are long. During presidential and gubernatorial races, precinct election officials must arrive at the polling location by 5:30 am to set up equipment. When the polls close at 7:30 pm, workers must tear down. Precinct mangers are also responsible for picking up and returning supplies. Precinct officials earn $120 for their work at the polls plus $15 for the training that is required as part of the job.

Banfield pointed out that Ohio has a system of checks and balances built into the voting system to help prevent voter fraud. Two of the precinct workers must be Democrats and 2 must be Republicans. The goal of the Board of Election is to have enough checks and balances to make it “Easy to vote; hard to cheat.”

Banfield was asked if there was much voter fraud in Guernsey County. She replied that in the 17 years she has worked for the Board of elections only 1 person has been prosecuted. The case was more a lack of communication rather than a deliberate attempt to cheat. The case involved a parent who applied for and signed an application for an absentee ballot for a child away at school. The parent was unaware that the child had voted at school using a provisional ballet.

Not knowing the rules can get a well meaning voter into trouble. Banfield recommended that any voter who has a question should call the Board of Elections and get an answer.

Banfield stated that Guernsey County has about 23,000 people eligible to vote. Not all of those eligible are registered to vote. Anyone who has not voted in 2 years will get a card warning them that they have been purged from polling books and need to reregister. Voters can check their status by contacting the Board of Elections. More information is available at:

Connect with Byesville Rotary at: or The club meets 7:30 am, Tuesday at the Stop Nine Senior Center at 60313 (GPS use 60299) Southgate Road, Byesville. Walk-ins are welcome at the club’s meeting.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Byesville Rotary holds 2015-16 Changing of the Guard

Pictured from left to right; Scott Lojas, Paul Harris Fellow, Phyllis Jeffries, President Elect and Treasurer; Oziel Jeffries, Board member; Chuck Fair, Secretary; Larry Miller, Sergeant at Arms; Shana Fair, President; Jim Bakos, Rotarian of the Year; Evelyn Spring ”Service Above Self” certificate; and Nellie Bichard, Board Member.

Rick Sabine, Assistant District Governor, presided at the Byesville Rotary Club installation ceremony and swore new officers in. Officers for 2015-16 are: Shana Fair, President; Phyllis Jeffries, President Elect and Treasurer; Chuck Fair; and Larry Miller Sergeant at Arms. New board member serving a two year term is Oziel Jeffries. Fair stated that her goals included working on continuing to build the Byesville Rotary Foundation which supports scholarships for Meadow Brook seniors, initiating a project to support childhood literacy, and continuing the club’s tradition of providing Christmas food baskets for families in the Rolling Hills School District.

Chuck Fair, outgoing president, recognized members for their service during his year. Jim Bakos was presented the “Rotarian of the Year” award. Bakos was chosen by club members for this honor for his work as Chair of the Scholarship Committee. Each year the club presents 3 scholarships to Meadowbrook seniors and 1-2 scholarships to Meadowbrook seniors attending Mid East. For many years, Bakos was responsible for insuring that scholarship applications are available to Meadowbrook students and for arranging interviews with the applicants.

Scott Lojas was recognized for earning a Paul Harris Fellowship, and presented with a Paul Harris medallion and pin. The Paul Harris Fellowship award is given in recognition of club member making a donation of $1000 to the Rotary Foundation. Other members of the club were recognized for their commitment to “Service Above Self: They were presented with a certificate recognizing that each had spent 50 or more hours working on club service projects or attending weekly meetings. This award replaces the “Perfect Attendance” certificate.

Thanks to Nellie Bichard and Jan Wilson for planning an enjoyable Changing of the Guard Dinner.

Connect with Byesville Rotary at: or  The club meets 7:30 am, Tuesday at the Stop Nine Senior Center at 60313 (GPS use 60299) Southgate Road, Byesville.. Call Membership Chair Jim Vaughan, 740-432-5605, to learn more about how to join.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Byesville Rotary hears about special education at Rolling Hills

Pictured: Brian Raach, Special Education coordinator at Rolling Hills Schools and Chuck Fair, Byesville Rotary President. 

Brian Raach, Special Education coordinator at Rolling Hills Schools, spoke to club members about his passion for working with special education students. He began to appreciate the difference that can be made in the lives of students with special education needs early in his life. His mother and father were both teachers who worked with students with learning disabilities.
Raach explained that state laws require schools to intervene when students are struggling to learn successfully. There are numerous reasons that can cause a student to have difficulties including physical, developmental, or medical disabilities. The specific type of disability must be identified either by testing or by a medical diagnosis. Once a student is identified with a learning disability, a team of educators will make the final decision about the student’s need for intervention.
Raach pointed out that an Individualized Education Program known as an IEP will be developed for each student. Each IEP includes interventions to help the student reach his/her potential. The interventions can be quite simple. Simply changing a student’s seat location in the classroom can result in a better learning environment for the student by reducing distractions such as activity outside of a window. A teacher can try a different teaching technique or try placing the student in a smaller group.
“As often as possible, each student with a learning disability will be mainstreamed into the general classroom,” Raach stated.
Raach said that he is proud of a new program Rolling Hills has recently initiated in partnership with the Guernsey County Board of Developmental Disabilities. The new program, Colt Hoops, is a co-ed, student only basketball team for students with learning disabilities. The Rolling Hills team plays against the Cambridge team on Sundays. The opportunity to play sports teaches learning disabled students discipline, teamwork and improves physical skills.
Connect with Byesville Rotary at: or The club meets 7:30 am, Tuesday at the Stop Nine Senior Center at 60313 (GPS use 60299) Southgate Road, Byesville. Walk-ins are welcome at the club’s meeting.